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June, 2008

  1. Do Friends Dream Electric?

    June 25, 2008 by admin

    Sooo we made, we no longer live in sin! After nine years and a bit together we got married this weekend. It all went without too many hiccups, it was a bit rainy but mostly it was a very nice day. All friends and family got on alright. Some better than others, my grandmother ending up being given shots by one guy and then declared he was the most handsome man there.

    Only two bad things really, we didn’t have the right cables for the ps3 to play singstar, people really wanted to sing. Johan had even bought a Swedish one just for this purpose.

    I ended up breaking a contact, I thought it all had come out but 2 days later after having a very nasty gunky eye I went to the optician and he pulled out a third of a lens under eye-lid…it was not so much…ewww.

    There was lots of photos being taken, I don’t have very many at all. Susie took my camera and took a few, but they were mostly of me getting ready and leaving for the ceremony, so I can’t post a nice one of me and Steve here, so I’ll have to do the Ego thing and just post one of me.

    Wedding Bell

    Susie read a poem at the ceremony, that had me in tears, I had heard it before, and it made me cry a little then too, apart from that I manged to stay dry.

    Music at the rception ended up being mostly my choices for some reason, so lots of 80′s blipp and sparks, specially the very suitable I “married myself” . I’ll leave you with that song while I go off and tidy and pack stuff away. Goodnight

    I married myself

  2. Kimono and Ice-Cube

    June 18, 2008 by admin

    I was very surprised today when I came into work as my whole desk was filled with confetti, cards and a big balloon wishing me a happy wedding. Amongst all the confetti and cards stood a vinyl disc of “Kimono my house” and a note saying “I think this will have a better home with you. I bought it when it first came out in 74, but I haven’t listen to it in years”. i don’t even have a turntable to play it on, but I loved it, it was a very sweet gift, and the fact that she bought it back in the day, the day when I was not more than a twinkle in my father’s eye, is for some reason very cool.

    I went to Hitchin today to go to the MS Nurse, she was a very nice and the meeting went well. When I was walking back to the station I was listening to some mp3′s on my Nokia. As I walked along Ice Cube “You can do it (put your ass into it)” came on and it made me think of this clip I sent to Chris a few weeks back and the fact that this song could also do with a lot of censoring. Anyway I got to the station and went to buy a ticket, and the evil machine stole my card, I swore out loud, took my headphones off (forgot to turn the music off) and ran off to find someone help me get my card back. To cut the story short I got my card back, went out to the platform and reached into my pocket to put my ticket in there and send a txt to Steve. As I did this I unplugged my headphones by mistake and Ice Cube came blaring out. Very loud. Very very loud. Of course the platform was filled with cool teenagers and scared pensioners, trying to figure out who was playing the offensive music…FAIL! It took me a while getting it to stop play as well as I was panicking a bit. Very amusing I am sure…

  3. Odins Day

    June 18, 2008 by admin

    Midweek already! Time is moving soo quickly when you got lots to do, and of course I have gotten sick also. It always seem to happen when something like this happens, well I mean social events, I can’t say I’ve gotten married before so this exact situation I haven’t been in before. But always before parties and going abroad.

    I got Friday off, and tomorrow I was meant to go into London for a seminar, but as I was off sick yesterday I didn’t make it in to pick up my passport at the Swedish Embassy, so I think I’ll have to do that tomorrow instead. Otherwise I won’t make it into the Dominican Republic next week. It has been so much to do these last weeks I haven’t even had time to think about going there, but I should think that once Saturday is over with (that sounds like a nice thing to say about one’s wedding doesn’t it!) I will look forward getting to that beach!

    Speaking of passports, if you are a Swede living in the UK and you want to renew your passport you have to do this at the Embassy in London, you have to go in and give details, wait 10 working days and then go pick it up in person. Now I grumble about this and I only live about 90 mins trip away from the embassy, what would it be like for someone living in Scotland. Seems like a stupid system to me.

    Got an appointment with a new MS nurse today, should be interesting, I have heard a lot of good things about this one. The last two I have met have been ok, but one of them told me my relapse in November was just symptoms due to a cold (when I went numb for a month in my side and also ended up in quite much pain) and the other one keeps on talking about her own troubles with M.E. So we’ll see what this one is like. It has now been 16 months since my diagnose, sometimes it feels like it has been much longer than that, so much has happened since that.

    Well I better get on with some work, I am working from home for a few hours today before I go in for a team lunch and some meetings, and then off to Hitchin for the Nurse.

  4. Star Struck

    June 17, 2008 by admin

    Last week was a hectic one, trying to arrange bits for the wedding and also going into London several times. Some of it was for work. I went to a big consensus meeting for MS pathway. felt very out of depth sitting there with neurologists and experts, even though I kept on being told I was the real expert, as they don’t really know what it is like to have MS, anyway, it went ok. I did get slightly pissed of when some of them went into doctor mode, tilted their heads and looked at me, as soon as I was saying something. Your pity I do not want!

    On friday I think I had one of my best nights ever, that feels a bit cheesy to write, but it really was. I have been a fan of Sparks since I was 16-17, but every time they have been over here I have manged to miss them. In the beginning of the year my Friend Niko told me they were planning to play all their albums at 21 gigs in London, and I got very excited. Now not a lot of my friends get Sparks, so in many cases I don’t even bother trying, Steve has more or less gotten used to them I expect, but not very many others were biting. Until last year when I played Dick Around to Susie and she loved it. So for her birthday I bought her the album that song was from and also two tickets to go see that show. I also bought tickets for the Plagiarism show, this album I bought in my second year at uni, a year that seemed to be some kind of turning point for me. I more or less listened to that album til it fell apart. It will go in my top 10 albums ever any day. I was really tempted to spend lots of money to get the golden ticket to go to all 21 gigs, but I knew my limits, not so much money wise (that is what credit cards are for surely) but with the fatigue and dodgy leg and all.

    Both shows were amazing, I don’t think I have ever been some alive or happy at any gig I have ever been at. Truly fantastic. So when my friend Niko sent me a message telling me he had a spare ticket for the last gig, were they would play their newest album and a collection of some more songs I ended up ditching my friends for a long planned dinner, and going with him to see Exotic Creatures of the Deep. The icing on the cake was that we got guest passes so afterwards I actually got to meet Ron and Russell. I say meet, but it was more me turning into a star struck fool not knowing what to say. But they were very nice. It must be so strange to have fans all over them. One guy just kept on stroking Russell’s face.

    I guess the bands I normally like are quite small bands, so the people from the bands keep on popping up at gigs, and even though I notice them, I have never been star struck before, it was very odd, my legs were shaking. I have also never ever asked to pose for a photo with any celebs…but I just had to this time… as I really wanted a memory of this amazing evening and Ron he is such a legend apart from Frank Zappa I don’t know anyone that ever written lyrics like his. I would love to look into his brain, it must have a MRI scan stranger than mine!

    Dicking around with Ron

  5. New blog home

    June 17, 2008 by admin

    Crawls in, looks around..ok this looks tacky enough to be my next blog.