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September, 2008

  1. “there is an egg on my food!!??”

    September 29, 2008 by admin

    After reading Avitania’s blog about Americans behaving badly abroad, I started thinking a bit about my experiences abroad with different nationalities. Swedish teens used to during the early 90′s have a really bad reputation abroad, as they can’t drink back home they would go apeshit in another countries and act like anything but a timid Swede. But adults mostly have been doing alright, (yes yes I know Steve will say that I am a Swede complaining and behaving badly every day living abroad), people from the UK I am not so sure about. I think they got bad reputation in certain countries, like Spain and France, probably Germany too. The one thing that always gets my goat are the food “issues”. So when you go abroad to a different country you should probably prepare for that the food will be different from where you live.

    Two years ago we went to corfu and stayed at this quite nice resort which according to the website was a 5 star hotel. Now the food was far from it. I looove Greek food, but apart from some tzatsiki and gyros there was hardly as much as a greek olive on the menu, instead the served up spag bol, chicken nuggets and pizza. very boring. But it kept the families from the UK happy. Apart from one lady who complained on a review site there there was no chocolate milk for the children..ermm ok.

    Sometimes when we travel wechoose to stay half pension, it is cheaper but also a good option to try some food that you wouldn’t try normally. One time in Austria we got this dish called Tiroler Grostl, when it arrived at the table this guy from Manchester just started at it, looked up, looked down and just exclaimed for the whole restaurant to hear “There is an egg on my food??!!”, well duh that is how you serve this dish, it is not like someone had barfed on the food or something. This man kept on being suspicious about all meals, thinking everything was odd and wrong. Well maybe that was because he was in Tirol, Austria not Manuch land UK. I bet if he went to Rome, he would have gone to Pizza Hut…

  2. Homesick

    September 26, 2008 by admin

    Ended up looking at wiki on Swedish food today, when I saw there was an entire page on Filmjölk, this is the one thing I miss most from Sweden. I used to pretty much eat it for breakfast everyday as a child and teen, did switch over to yoghurt briefly at Uni but my love for filmjölk has never died. God I miss it!

  3. Phantom

    September 19, 2008 by admin

    And in her mind shed drift away
    A secret place to steal away

  4. Working when sick

    September 9, 2008 by admin

    I just read this blog post by this Swedish writer, and it annoyed me so much. Sorry it is only in Swedish so not much good for most of you out there, but she basically says people should go in to work when they are sick, if they got sick kids they should bring them along. Lovely. First of all she works from home most of the time so sure if you are somewhat working in your brain you can work from home when sick. But getting into a car/train/bus when coughing your lungs up/puking your guts out/ having a migraine… yeah that is really cleaver, not only will you make yourself worse, you will also make everyone around you sick.

    My mum used to work as a teacher, now everyone at schools go there even if they are sick, teachers go even if they have fever (and many of them seem to take some pride in that, like some kind of martyr) and parents sent their puking/snotty/feverish kids to school, this normally meant my mum was sick from September to the end of March (of course most of the time she went in anyway so oh hai vicious circle). I read somewhere that in China it is common to walk around like wacko jaco wearing a mouth guard, not because they are scared of others germs, but because they don’t want others to catch yours. I think if you are as silly as to go out and contaminate your workplace, please wear one of these.

    As a person with a fucked up immune system (MS makes my immune system revved up, doesn’t make it work any better as the white blood-cells attack the myelin  in my brain instead of the virus/infections I get) I pretty much seem to be getting sick if someone sneezes on me. It is much better now since I don’t go on the trains and tube so much. But still, last virus I had lasted a month….grrr

    So remember folks coughs and sneezes spread diseases, keep yours away from others!

  5. Food for thought

    September 4, 2008 by admin

    So much talk about peoples poor diet on the news at the moment. Kids in the UK are getting fatter, but I doubt this is unique for the UK, same thing seem to happen in Sweden too. I wonder what they serve in Schools in Sweden these days? I was amazed to hear what they eat in the UK, burgers, pizza, chips. In my school we never had anything like that, we mostly had stews and things with rice, boiled potatoes and such. All in all pretty healthy but tasteless stuff, but since you weren’t allowed to take food with you to school and no-where to get any snacks, you ate what you were given or went hungry, which I would do every time they served pasta, as they just couldn’t cook pasta for shit. I still feel sick thinking of their slimy lasange. Brrrr. But still I think this is the way to go rather then spoil the kids with junk food.

    Another strange thing in school about food is that food is like fashion, or music, you are meant to like certain things, in my school that would have been meatballs or pancakes. And food you are meant to hate, like black pudding and any fish dish. If you liked the wrong thing and kids would see you stacking the black pudding up for instance you’d get teased to no end. Which is why I think schools will have troubles if the introduce a healthy choice as well as the crap food, as the kids choosing the good stuff no doubt will get teased.

    In all honesty this teasing doesn’t end at school, it stays with you. I think I have always been slightly ashamed for food I like. I love black pudding, I like fish-roe paste, I like liver-pate, I enjoy horse meat and the list goes on. A lot of people that turn their noses up to this type of food, never tried it. This is a thing that annoys me. I was a very fussy eater as a child but my Dad made me try all kinds of food at least once. This made me like things other kids didn’t, like smoked salmon, lots of different type of fish and roe. Don’t get me wrong there is/was lots of things I didn’t stand. I can’t eat any type of beans, the texture makes me hurl, deep fried food is blergh, sweet corn makes me think of old ppl’s teeth. But at least I know this because I have tried it. A few year ago when Jamie Oliver had his program about school dinners, I was quite disgusted by seeing kids refusing to try things like chicken stews, and fresh strawberries, the only thing they wanted was chips. Brrrr.

    I often stare at ppls shopping whilst waiting at the till. So many people just buy brown and yellow food, heaps of white bread (don’t get me started about the poor option of bread in the UK and yet it is better than when I fist moved here then there was isle upon isle of only white toasty bread), frozen dinners, pies, chips, crisps, etc. So it is not so strange we are a fat nation.

    It is also quite sad that it is cheaper to get junk food then good fresh food. If you would go to an organic food store for your weekly shopping you’ d eat much better but to triple the price. Crazy.

    Yet food snobbery annoys me also, even though I know I am doing it when I look down on peoples bad choices. Nothing worse then if you are tucking into something you like, and someone looks at it and goes erghh disgusting, it destroys the whole meal.

    ok I’ll end this rather pointless rant. But it is good to be open minded this made me try Bubble tea even after I thought it sounded disgusting and I loved it.

    Oh one last thing. Isn’t the term “making love” kinda like sitting down at a table with a crisp white linen cloth, picking up your expensive silver knife and fork and tuck into a bucket of Kentucky fried chicken?

    PS…I have never actually had Kentucky fried chicken so maybe I should have said big mac…

    Lovely Black Pudding…