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November, 2008

  1. Twilight…

    November 26, 2008 by admin

    I always seem to be the last person to grasp literary trends as I don’t pay much attention to what the buzz is out there on books, I walk around bookshops and sometimes I get drawn to books, and if I like them I tend to devour everything that author has written. It goes with my “gotta catch em all” persona. Often I end up reading books that people I consider having good taste in books recommend to me. Anyway I ended up reading Harry Potter and the Dan Brown books long after everyone else. So a while a go I noticed some talks on Twitter between Bev and Avitania about Twilight and I wondered what that book was all about. So I ordered the first book and the same day I go on to Perez Hilton and read about all the commotion the film was creating, people queuing, tickets selling out, beating Harry Potter and all that. And I thought ok wow once again I have completely missed something.

    Now I am reading book number two New Moon, and I have to say…I am not so sure about this series. It is a very easy read, and I quite like some bits of it. I recognize myself as a love struck teen hardly being able to breathe around the boy I fancied. Ok my crush wasn’t on a vampire as far as I know…but still many parts from the first book about the looking, the thoughts and dreams takes me down trips on memory lane. But then…well but then what…will it go on like this for book after book? As the author don’t believe in “try before you buy” so to say, I guess those two will just gaze into each others eyes in different ways for a few more 100 pages. I read an article on the series that was about the “Eroticism of Abstinence” in these books and I can kinda get that…to a point..but this is teens we are talking about. Bella is 18 year old and will want to get it on at some point surely? Even if the would go down the way of marriage Edward would not want to tempt faith and make her an honest woman in all ways it means. I guess in all honesty…in the same way as she is a randy 18 year old he is over 100 years old so he probably is more interested in a nice cuppa tea, (ermm blood) a cosy blanket and his slippers. No for hot vampire action I will have to go to Buffy and Spike…now that is HOTTNESS :P

    Anyway I guess these books are for “young” people, I did feel a bit silly going into that section of the bookshop. But I guess I read and liked Harry Potter and I read and absolutely love loved LOVED His dark materials. But then again HDM is written by an outspoken atheist and Twilight by a Mormon, so I guess knowing myself it is not so tricky to guess what I would like.

    But next book I read better not be from the young persons section, I’d like something not rated U or PG. In fact I once picked up a book simply because some reviewer on the back of the book described it as “as dirty as a dingo’s bottom” and that book ladies and gentlemen was far more entertaining than twilight ;) . Bring on the smut!

  2. The face that made baby Jesus scared

    November 14, 2008 by admin

    I was out walking in Letchworth Town Centre today, when I suddenly noticed this guy looking at me, like he wanted to say something. Now I don’t get this very often, I seem to have a face that says “stay away from me Grrrrrr”, which in all honesty is quite nice. I have some friends that every time you are out with them they get stopped and asked all sorts of questions. At uni I had this friend who it was impossible to step into a club or bar without the biggest sleaze in the room towering over her, stone face here had to go and help her out on many occasions.  Anyway I don’t have a face of friendliness and approachableness, I might have inherited the look of bulldog chewing a wasp my granddad had, he very rarely smiled, I used to be very scared of him as a child. But he was a friendly soul, just with a very stern look.

    Back to the story, the guy, dressed in a long coat and shirt and tie looked at me, I stared back wondering if I had something on my face, his eyes started flickering to the side, and he noticed a lady in front of me, and with one last scared at me look he moved towards her and said “Pardon me maaaa’m”, and then I got it , a Jehovah’s witness.

    Bulldog Face – Watch Tower Boy 1-0

    My Bulldog face in action