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May, 2012

  1. Toca Boca Loca

    May 14, 2012 by admin

    My son has a new hobby, he is a practicing app surgeon. For the past 3 days or so he has been glued to the Ipad playing Toca Doctor, and app where you get to fix broken bones, get rid of lice, clean cuts and help fart out a swallowed toy car. He absolutely love it.  And as it has no adverts or sillyness you can leave him to it without worrying.

    As he loved the toca doctor so much I decided about 40 mins ago to see if there were any more apps by this company, who funny enough seem to be Swedish (what can I say we are a nation of good taste ;) )and BINGO there are lots. We downloaded the Kitchen, and the Store, and he has since been playing shop with me and trying to force feed a poor cat pureéd broccoli.

    All three apps are great little games, and they teach by playing. The little store once especially, this is my son in action;

    I can imagine the shop would be good between two kids in a car for instance. Although my boy seems to be quite happy playing both shop keeper and customer. As I am typing this he has moved on to the Kitchen app and is trying to make things explode in the microwave…boys eh! The Kitchen one consists of cooking various food for diffrent creatures and kind of guessing what they would like. Cat likes fish and so on. Cat did not like pureéd broccoli FYI

    Great games, go get the Toca Doctor now because it is free for the ipad, but not sure for how long!

  2. On being “normal”

    May 12, 2012 by admin

    As a child I probably wasn’t what some parents would call “normal” I was a bit of a loner, my parent’s used to encourage me to go see my friends, but not having too much luck. I have memories of being about 4 and telling my mum I was going to see my friend, but instead I hid behind the garage for an hour and played alone, then I went back and said I had been to my friends house. I used to hate kids birthday parties. This continued on when I was a young teen as well when my classmates would go to discos, instead of fighting with my parents about not being allowed to go, I would fight with them about the fact I wanted to stay home. But when I look back at my childhood, I was very happy, I wasn’t lonely just because I was a loner.

    When I started college I made friends with a girl who also was a bit peculiar, but the difference between us, was that she hated being called odd, she just wanted to be normal. Me I always used to see “normal” as a bad word. Something the cool girls at school were, you know the ones that stood outside and smoked and had a much older boyfriend, a great wardrobe filled of nice clothes and everybody was meant to want to befriend them.

    However now as a 34 year old I have come to think about normality in a different light. And this light is shining from a big 1000 watt bulb called Multiple Sclerosis. I wish I was normal. I wish I didn’t have turns at least twice a day of really bad fatigue. I wish my speech doesn’t become muddled because I can’t find the right words. I wish tasks wouldn’t take me longer than they should because I can’t concentrate. I wish I had never felt a MS hug, or vertigo, or dysaesthesia. I wish I had never felt like my body wasn’t my own anymore, like I was getting another person dressed as my torso had gone numb and touching it felt alien.

    I wish I was normal, yet I know I am very lucky. My MS is not stopping me from doing my job, I have no physical disabilities, you can’t see by looking at me that something would be not “normal”. Most days I just get on with it, and through my work at the MS Trust I am reminded daily how incredible lucky I am. Because MS can be awful, MS can destroy and MS can mess your whole life up. That is why it is so important to have support. Once again I am lucky because I work in a place where I can just walk into the information team and ask them about any MS questions I have. I know a lot of people that could do with that. That is why the MS Trust exist, they are there to give support to people with MS and their families by giving information. People might not be able to do as I do and walk into the info teams office, but they can pick up the phone and call 0800 032 38 39 with any MS related questions they may have. The Information service will try and help.

    I am incredibly proud of being a part of this organisation, they helped me when I was diagnosed, before I worked there, when I was alone with my questions. On May 20th  BBC Radio 4  will air the MS Trust Appeal at 07:55 and 21:26 or the following Thursday at 15:27. I hope you would tune in and have a listen to Chris Jones, the co-founder of the Trust, one of our Trustees, my friend, and another member of the MS club and listen to what she has to say.

    So anyway I guess I am not normal but hopefully I will get back soon to my former frame of mind, where I actually think that that is ok  not to be “normal”.

  3. Women who hate women

    May 2, 2012 by admin

    The book/film the girl with the dragoon tattoo’s Swedish title is “Men who hate women”. And for anyone that has read the millennium books, they will know there is a fair bit of hatred towards women there. Let’s face it for 1000′s of years women have probably been very badly treated by men, but I’d like to hope that we are on the right trail on that now, however I’d like to say “sisters are doing it for themselves” . I think women are women’s own biggest enemy these days. Women like Samantha Brick who writes articles about “women being to ugly for TV” saying things like

    While there is no denying that Ms Beard is a supremely intelligent and fiercely ambitious woman, there is absolutely no chance of her becoming a successful broadcaster in prime-time slots on flagship TV channels. The plain truth is that Ms Beard is too ugly for TV

    And editor’s of so called women’s magazine who makes a living of telling women they are not good enough. There are enemies walking among us everywhere. I used to read a lot of women’s mags back in the day when I worked for Getty Images, but since about 5 years ago I decided that it was just poisonous to the soul, everything ABSOLUTELY everything is so fixated with looks and the vain, an article about anyone be it an actress, a mother or a doctor, when it is about a woman they have to tell us what size she is. And what she eats to be this size. They makes tonnes of money of just papping celebs looking too fat/too thin and frankly it bores me shitless. One of my favorite artists, fad gadget said back in his song Lady Shave from 1981

    And stupid magazines
    Spread a social disease
    Oh worried girl

    And he was so right! Like I said in the start of this blog, I’d like to think women are not as oppressed by men like they were. Sadly the Samantha Brick and other’s like her are right in one way. TV is all about the vain, not about the merits. Would more people watch meet the Romans if it had Fearne Cotton running around shouting ” Wow look at these amazeballs gladiators, they were well cool dude” rather than Mary Beard who is very knowledgeable and a proper historian. Probably, but I know I wouldn’t want to watch it. But in a world where little girls grow up wanting to be glamour models I wouldn’t be surprised. Because if you get your tits out and marry a footballer you have clearly made it. Being pictured in the papers with an oversized hand bag and glasses, with a pout on your lips is clearly the ultimate goal of womanhood. Girls are wanting to be armcandy more than making a career for themselves and I find it so sad. Maybe it is because I grew up in the power 80′s where little girls dreamed to be lawyers or doctors or even car mechanics just so they could do a “mans job”.

    Would they ever say a man is too ugly for TV? Telly is filled with “ugly” funny blokes. In fact that dating show on living TV has a pretty girl and a fat jolly man. What does this tell us? I don’t think we can move away from this however if we work against our so called sisters, and at the moment that is exactly what we are doing.