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August, 2012

  1. Dear Lloyds TSB – a bank holiday story

    August 27, 2012 by admin

    Let me tell you a story, a true story, so  maybe not a story..anyway, like a good story it starts with a prologue:

    Last Summer 2011

    In 2008 I got married, and took my husband’s name and added it to my own name. If I knew now what trouble it would become, maybe I shouldn’t have bothered. In 2011 my husband was making remarks that I hadn’t yet changed my bank cards to the new name, so I thought as I had been married for 3 years it was about time. 2 out of 3 cards where rather painless. My Lloyds TSB mastercard however wasn’t. It took 7 failed cards before they could get it right. My name was too long for the card, I would either be Elena (not Helena) or Alexande (not Alexander) so time and time again I asked for just my initials and my two surnames. It took 7 attempt and just as many trips to the bank to get it done. It was very silly but little was I to know it was about to get sillier…

    April 2012

    On my sons’ birthday 24 of April, I noticed that my purse containing all my cards had gone missing. Sometime during the previous day it had either gotten stolen or I lost it. Annoyed I went online to get all numbers to cancel cards. I called Nationwide who I got 2 cards with and Lloyds who I also have two cards with.  I was promised all cards would be replaced within 10 working days.

    May 2012

    I had gotten my 2 cards from Nationwide and my debit card from Lloyds, but still missing my credit card. To make matters worse I noticed that in my online banking my credit card was gone. I could no longer see what I had left to pay off.

    May – July 2012

    Now starts copious amounts of calls to Lloyds TSB credit card phone-line. I never counted how many. But I had the phone put down on me once, was told I could go into a branch to sort it out (in the branch I was told to use the telephone at the front desk to phone. About 5 times I was told the same thing “oh so sorry Mrs Alexander (with a R at the end I am sure they didn’t call me Mrs Alexande) we will lift the block on the account and send the card out within 10 working days.  Each time I called the more and more grumpy I was. Last time I called I asked for the persons name, to make sure I had a name next time I had to call. Alex (not Alexander) told me he was very sorry about what had happened, and that he understood my frustration, he was even going to remove 10 pounds from my credit card bill as a show of gratitude (this came out on the 10 of July). My card was going to be sent out straight away I would have it by Thursday next week. I didn’t, so I walked into the branch, not being able to face the telephone again. In the branch the customer Service manager was very nice and called up, and it seems the card was indeed sent out, I just had to wait. 3 days later the card showed up. I just put it to the side, thinking “finally”!

    A few days later I opened the card letter, only to see I was once again Alexande not Alexander. I threw the card across the room, and thought “sod it”

    August 2012

    I realised that this will just go on forever so I might as well just be Alexade, and called up to activate my card. As I was typing in the credit card number and expiry date, I started laughing. The card was valid from the 7/12 and expired the 7/12.   It was now August so the card was no longer valid. But the card was sent out in July, so they have actually sent out an expired card. As the automated voice said you’ll be put through a customer service adviser, I hung up, no way could I face this one more time.

    So the conclusion, 3 months to send out my replacement card, which is now expired, and has got the wrong name. I don’t think I have ever encountered a worse service.

    I have been banking with Lloyds for over 13 years, but I feel it won’t be much longer now. Because this is just painful, what I would call an epic fail on your behalf Lloyds TSB!