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Do Friends Dream Electric?

June 25, 2008 by admin

Sooo we made, we no longer live in sin! After nine years and a bit together we got married this weekend. It all went without too many hiccups, it was a bit rainy but mostly it was a very nice day. All friends and family got on alright. Some better than others, my grandmother ending up being given shots by one guy and then declared he was the most handsome man there.

Only two bad things really, we didn’t have the right cables for the ps3 to play singstar, people really wanted to sing. Johan had even bought a Swedish one just for this purpose.

I ended up breaking a contact, I thought it all had come out but 2 days later after having a very nasty gunky eye I went to the optician and he pulled out a third of a lens under eye-lid…it was not so much…ewww.

There was lots of photos being taken, I don’t have very many at all. Susie took my camera and took a few, but they were mostly of me getting ready and leaving for the ceremony, so I can’t post a nice one of me and Steve here, so I’ll have to do the Ego thing and just post one of me.

Wedding Bell

Susie read a poem at the ceremony, that had me in tears, I had heard it before, and it made me cry a little then too, apart from that I manged to stay dry.

Music at the rception ended up being mostly my choices for some reason, so lots of 80′s blipp and sparks, specially the very suitable I “married myself” . I’ll leave you with that song while I go off and tidy and pack stuff away. Goodnight

I married myself


  1. mbs says:


  2. lynchseattle says:

    Yay! Congrats to you two :) We’re so excited for you. What a great event… I only wish Bev and I could have been there to see you two kids off. Of course, if PS3 Singstar had been there, we would have wiped up ;)

  3. Susie says:

    I craied too!

    And ^^ “Real Hyperism”? B*tch, please.

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