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Dreaming of you.

July 23, 2008 by admin

On Monday morning I had a very annoying dream. I had woken up and gone downstairs to lock the door after Steve and went back to bed, I fell asleep and dreamt I forgot to lock the door (we have been a bit paranoid about this after having the house broken in to twice). In my dream I went downstairs to lock only to find everything in the sitting-room gone apart from the sofa and the bookcases. Got so angry I sat up in the bed and swore. I even had to get up just to check the door really was locked before I went back to sleep again.

Dreams are weird. When I was little I used to dream about a strange house with grey stairs where I kept on falling down. I also often used to dream about being in the back of a car, only to find out no-one was driving so I had to climb in the front and my feet wouldn’t reach down.

If I am feeling stressed or angry I almost always dream about one of my best friends ex, he is trying to get her back, often by breaking in to her house. She is totally helpless and I have to fend him off. Or I get the dreams that are very violent where I am beating people up (I’d like to point out I haven’t been in a fight since I was 8).

If I am feeling worried about something, I tend to dream I get ignored. I will for example see some old flame or someone and he will go away when he sees me. Or I’ll have a dream where someone gets killed and we have to hide the body. When I read The Secret History I was a bit freaked out how much like some dreams I have had it was.

And then there are those dreams you just can’t explain why the hell you have them. My Friend Susie dreamt of seeing a large Santa, ferrying a boat filled of dead santas over a lake, like it was the river Styx. I once dreamt a black and white cartoon of a wolf chasing a little penguin around a meat factory, the dream ended with the penguin tricking the wolf so it fell in to a mince making machine. The penguin then kept on turning the wheel of the machine and kept on repeating “mincemeat mincemeat” . A few months ago, I dreamt me and Steve were sent out on a mission by some wise woman to dig up the bones of Kenneth Branagh (yes I know he is not dead, and it was the first thing I thought of when I woke up). His bones would give the person who found them good luck. We kept on running around in mud, dream ended with Steve finding the grave, it was huge and lots of people were there digging. I was on another side of a barbwire fence trying to get in to dig too.

What is your strangest dream?

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  1. Susie says:

    Santa FTW!

    My one last night was weird too – the wisdom of the ancient Chinese sage – “Seek not to change people, only to influecne”…

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