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Grumpy Swede going to Emerald Island

August 19, 2008 by admin

I have been in such a stinky mood this week so far. The fact I have been sick more or less since I came back from the Dominican has made me into Mrs Grumpy Pants, and I feel fatigued and very fed up. It feels like it is lifting a little bit now, so I hope I can shake of the bad mood and the tiredness. I haven’t been to the gym for two weeks, which is not helping the fatigue at all, but since I more or less get tired just to walk into work, it hasn’t been a good idea to try to go there. I might have a go at it tomorrow and see how it goes.

The height of my bad mood was reached this Saturday, when I tried to buy a coat in a shop, I had been sent a voucher for 10% off for a jacket, coat or knitwear from this shop, so armed with this voucher I tried to purchase this jacket, but it didn’t go to plan. The girl at the till tried to read the the paper and didn’t understand it and then looked at it again and said you have to buy a coat AND a knitwear to get the 10 % off. I just looked at her, couldn’t be bothered to argue handed the jacket to Steve and said well OK no thanks then. Then she tried to sell me a storecard…I walked out. At a restaurant later Steve looked over the paper again and said I had been right, no where on the paper did it say AND. I manged to buy the same jacket in another store yesterday without any problem. So of course what I should have done was to try to just adopt the more American approach to customer service, and not given up and nicely walked away. But I find it very hard to do such things.

When we were in Seattle at one point at a restaurant I got a bit of plastic in my salad, Chris and Bev instantly flagged down the waiter who ran out to the kitchen and got the manger who came out and apologised. It was all very effective, we got my meal for free, and another person even came and said sorry, this person put her hand on my shoulder and said ” I am so sorry”. At this point it was just a little to much for this very typical do not want to make a fuss Swede, and I just wanted to go hide. But of course this is the way it should be. Sweden has probably even worse service than England does. Last time I went to Sweden, I had some run-ins with grumpy baristas who were angry when I told them I had ordered skimmed milk not full fat. So I guess I am changing somewhat too, not sure if that is for the better or worse.

This weekend we are off to Dublin. I have travelled quite a bit this year, been to Sweden twice, Finland, Dominican Republic, US and Canada, so we thought we add one more before the year is over. I went to Dublin last year for work, but didn’t see anything of the town itself, just some boring industrial estate. We were thinking of some other places to go to, but in the end we just wanted somewhere you could get to rather quickly without having to pay lots of money. Sadly traveling within England itself is rather pricey so we thought we might as well go to Dublin for some leprechauns and Guinness to be sure to be sure.

This thing is a bit funny, it has some new Swedes in training to become “proper Swedes”. The thing in the middle with the neighbour…i do that…always!


  1. Bev says:

    Chris and I were just talking about this the other night! You would have died when I sent back not one, but two meals the other night because they were just HORRIBLE! I was nice about it but I refuse to pay for bad food.

    Come back to America and soon you’ll be complaining like the rest of us :)

  2. admin says:

    hehehe, well you are doing the right thing! You are after all the person paying, i should come over for some training!

  3. lynchseattle says:

    Just remember this one simple rule: if you are paying for something and the service is bad, simply do a melee attack on your server and the cooking staff. This way you earn both respect and also increase your hitpoints, ultimately becoming a far stronger opponent in the food services industry.

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