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Karl-Alfred boy loves spinach

April 10, 2012 by admin


Dinnertime with a toddler is let’s be honest mostly as fun as pulling wax strips off your legs. He hates everything, pushes plate away and demands biscuits. My dear boy however has a few safe things that he gobbles down like it was a plate of muffins. One of them spinach. Of the stewed kind. In 80′s Sweden my mum seemed to have stewed everything you possible could potatoes, pasta, cauliflower you name it, but the one thing that is fantastic is spinach. And deadly easy. Today Mr T got his with some fish fingers, we had ours with salmon.


Deadly easy and yummy stewed spinach (and cheap too)

You need;




Frozen spinach

salt, white pepper, and a squeeze of lemon.


Defrost the spinach (as much as you need, but i’d say quite a lot!) on the hob or in the microwave.  Then out comes your best friend the hand-mixer, mix for a good while until you have a proper green mess! Then melt butter in a rather big pan, pour in flour and whisk it, lower the heat and pour in some milk and let it thicken, after it is bubbling away a bit pour in your spinach, add salt, pepper and a splash of lemon and let it continue on bubbling on low heat for a bit, then it is ready to serve. Fantastic with any fish really, but also nice with a nice bit of smoked ham, and boiled eggs. Om nom nom nom!

In case you wondered about the name Karl-Alfred, no it is not my sons name, but the Swedish name for Popeye.

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