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Language Barriers

July 25, 2008 by admin

We are suburban homeboys
With our suburban ho’s right by our sides
We are suburban homeboys and we say yo dog and we mean it, by God
We’ve got an old school mentality
Oxford and Cambridge mentality
Props to our peeps and please keep your receipts
And we are suburban homeboys

suburban homeboy – sparks

You know you are getting on a bit when you walk past some teens and not really understand what they are saying. That is when you after sitting on a bus eavesdropping on the 15 year old’s who don’t make sense sit up and think “shit I have turned into my parents”.

Of course I also had a period of talking teenage nonsense, me and my friends would add “‘ba” to the end of every sentence. That is short for bara which means only or just. Used to get told of all the time by both their parents and mine. I wonder if teens in Sweden still do that, or if it was an early 90′s thing? Not sure when I stopped it either.

But language between friends is a funny thing, I often end up having some kind of invented language with my friends. First time was when I was about 9 and me and one friend had a long list of songs that meant certain things so we could speak in codes around other friends or parents. It was quite complicated, if I sang a certain song like for example “dansa i neon” it meant I wanted my friend to say she had to go home, so therefore the third friend would have to go home too, then she would wait around the corner on the street and then sneak back into the house again, and we could continue playing without the other friend there. If she agreed to this plan she would sing along to the song, if not she would sing another song.

Next chapter in my language making was at collage when me and my friend Karolina invented our own language called Neumanism (it had a whole world and philosophy behind it ) but the gist of it was the same, an excuse of talking as much rubbish as possible in front of people we didn’t like.

And now, I guess I have fallen victim for lolspeak (it started with l33t and moved on to lolspeak). I can have long conversations with Susie and Steve that are complete nonsense like this. Ok it worked online on messenger and in email, but now we kind of talk like this when we meet too. It might have gone too far? Our wedding rings are even engraved with pwned.

I guess the point that I am trying to make is that it all sounds good to the person included in the language, but to someone on the outside it just sounds stupid. A few weeks ago I walked past some very blonde very white english posh schoolgirls calling each other bluds, and indeed it did make me lol :P


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