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Leave it alone…

April 11, 2012 by admin

As most mothers off little boys (and girls too for that matter) knows, babies will have a fiddle , a constant on the changing table, where they would sometimes pull so much you’d think the whole damn thing would come of. But as most experts will tell you this is “just a phase”. Which I am sure was true. However some recent things in life tell me otherwise…

More and more often I see teens and young guys with their hand down their trousers, no not like just for a little scratch, just permanently jammed down there. They quite happily seem to carry on whatever they are doing, whilst… well god knows what they are doing? Holding on to their security blanket? Or as someone said when the question was asked on Yahoo! Answers “It is warm down there” .

Yesterday I was out for a walk with my boy (a very slow walk as he was practicing his scooting skills), and walking towards us were two guys deep in conversation, they stopped and lent against a sign and continued their chatting, stood like that for about 10 mins and then started walking again. The whole time one of them hand his hands down his trousers. I felt sorry for the other chap, I mean you’d have to ask “Sorry are you that excited about what I am telling you that you have to touch yourself?” or “are we meant to be walking or wanking”. Yes, yes I know that that is not what is going on, well actually no I don’t know what is going on, nor do I want to know. I just think of where that hand goes next blergh.

I never saw anyone do this when I was a teen, or in my early 20′s, have I maybe lived a very sheltered life, or is this a trendsetter on par with the barbed wire arm tattoo a decade ago, not so great looking but everybody does it? Or is it way to express yourself and  say F off to society and common etiquette? An avant-garde fashion statement? Or is it simply a way to keep warm, when the energy bills go up?

In the 90′s when I was a teen, people with their hand in their pockets would quite often be accused of playing “pocket ping ping” or the like. And back in those stone age days, hand down the trousers would probably be met with a call to the neighborhood watch to warn about a pervert looming. You always heard stories about them sitting in the back of buses with a hand down the trousers looking at the other passengers. But maybe this is sociably acapted behavior now? The old bus perverts can come off the bus in their trench coats and just go with the flow. It is after all what all the cool kids are doing!

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