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“Play our tune baby”

August 13, 2008 by admin

One of my deep dark secrets, well not a very good secret is that I love the extremely cheese soap opera “days of our lives”, I got hooked whilst a uni when they did the whole Marlena is possessed by the devil storyline. I was watching it yesterday when her and John (who has yet again been brainwashed by Stefano) were talking about what song were “their” song. Got me thinking about songs that I have with different people. When I was a uni I used to see this guy for awhile but we really disliked each others music tastes so the only thing we ever listened to was the sound track from Clockwork Orange. So we never had a song.

Me and Steve got several songs, but if I were to choose one it would be “Are friends Electric” by Gary Numan, it played in the café were we had our first real date. It is a fitting song if you think about how we met.

My very good friend Alexander who more or less was my other half during collage, we shared “Opportunities “ by Pet Shop Boys, and later “Popularity” by Sparks. We had some narcissistic egoism worship going on there.

Karolina and me spend ages listening to music and playing musical games where we would listen to the radio and one person would shout out a name of some random person we knew and the other person had to improvise a song about that person to the next song that came on. Highlights would be a song about a boy with a head like a football to “la isla bonita”. But if I were to pick a song for us, It would be “Pretty Vacant” by Sex Pistols after the summer when we sat on endless busses listening to “never mind the bollocks” in our home tie-dyed t-shirts and grungy jeans.

Change” by Sparks would be the song for me and my former flatmate Michaela. She had a well dodgy cd collection of mostly bad compilations from the early 90’s. But she started pinching some of my music and started getting into some Depeche Mode. But she really liked this Sparks song, and used to play it a lot when we would go on our road trips across Sweden transporting my furniture from my mum’s house to our flat.

Susie and me have two songs, one is our travel soundtrack “Sixteen Tons of Hardware” by BWO. Which played on Karolina’s stereo the first time me and Susie went on a trip together. And then “Dick Around” by Sparks which is more of our life philosophy soundtrack. Seeing that song live with her was great.

I don’t think I got a song with Johan, we do share a lot of similar musical tastes, but at the moment he is total guitar-metal-wank-mode so I can’t deal with that ;) . We’ll have to work on having a “our song” in the future instead.

Do you have a song? What is it? And why?


  1. Susie-toot says:

    I loved reading this! I should do one of my own on my blog.

    But you forgot FFIL!! I guess songs we wrote ourselves don’t really qualify :-p

  2. admin says:

    this is true, but that is like ours our song. A song that one day will be someone elses ;)

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