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Simply the best

July 22, 2008 by admin

The feeling of falling asleep is the best feeling in the world, specially when you are very aware of that you are doing it. Like when desperately trying to staying awake watching a so-so film on the telly, and you can feel your eyelids getting really heavy and you can really feel yourself drift away. Aww yeah that is the shit! ;)

Not sleeping great at the moment due to the silly headaches, going to see the GP tomorrow, I doubt anything will come out of it, but who knows, I am willing to try anything now.


  1. lynchseattle says:

    Agreed – sleep FTW! Although I have to say I almost always want to stay up later and sleep less. Go figure :)

  2. mbs says:

    i have been sitting here experiencing that feeling for about an hour. i start having auditory hallucinations but it is very nice feeling, a soothing pleasurable thing

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