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Star Struck

June 17, 2008 by admin

Last week was a hectic one, trying to arrange bits for the wedding and also going into London several times. Some of it was for work. I went to a big consensus meeting for MS pathway. felt very out of depth sitting there with neurologists and experts, even though I kept on being told I was the real expert, as they don’t really know what it is like to have MS, anyway, it went ok. I did get slightly pissed of when some of them went into doctor mode, tilted their heads and looked at me, as soon as I was saying something. Your pity I do not want!

On friday I think I had one of my best nights ever, that feels a bit cheesy to write, but it really was. I have been a fan of Sparks since I was 16-17, but every time they have been over here I have manged to miss them. In the beginning of the year my Friend Niko told me they were planning to play all their albums at 21 gigs in London, and I got very excited. Now not a lot of my friends get Sparks, so in many cases I don’t even bother trying, Steve has more or less gotten used to them I expect, but not very many others were biting. Until last year when I played Dick Around to Susie and she loved it. So for her birthday I bought her the album that song was from and also two tickets to go see that show. I also bought tickets for the Plagiarism show, this album I bought in my second year at uni, a year that seemed to be some kind of turning point for me. I more or less listened to that album til it fell apart. It will go in my top 10 albums ever any day. I was really tempted to spend lots of money to get the golden ticket to go to all 21 gigs, but I knew my limits, not so much money wise (that is what credit cards are for surely) but with the fatigue and dodgy leg and all.

Both shows were amazing, I don’t think I have ever been some alive or happy at any gig I have ever been at. Truly fantastic. So when my friend Niko sent me a message telling me he had a spare ticket for the last gig, were they would play their newest album and a collection of some more songs I ended up ditching my friends for a long planned dinner, and going with him to see Exotic Creatures of the Deep. The icing on the cake was that we got guest passes so afterwards I actually got to meet Ron and Russell. I say meet, but it was more me turning into a star struck fool not knowing what to say. But they were very nice. It must be so strange to have fans all over them. One guy just kept on stroking Russell’s face.

I guess the bands I normally like are quite small bands, so the people from the bands keep on popping up at gigs, and even though I notice them, I have never been star struck before, it was very odd, my legs were shaking. I have also never ever asked to pose for a photo with any celebs…but I just had to this time… as I really wanted a memory of this amazing evening and Ron he is such a legend apart from Frank Zappa I don’t know anyone that ever written lyrics like his. I would love to look into his brain, it must have a MRI scan stranger than mine!

Dicking around with Ron


  1. Susie says:

    You look so happy on that photo. You were on a high when we met you afterwards!
    Sparks love.

  2. Bev says:

    Very cool! I think I’d feel the same way if I ever get to meet Jean luc! Sadly, I only know one Sparks song from waaaay back – “Angst in my pants.”

    I should listen to some more :)

  3. admin says:

    Bev, Steve met Jean Luc and bought him a glass of wine, don’t think he turned into the stuttering fool I did.

    Check out the new album you can listen to a lot of it on last FM, I can recomend “I can’t belive that you would fall for all the crap in this song”

    Susie, yes I was, it was a very strange night!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Didn’t know you were a Zappa fan…

  5. admin says:

    Anonymous who ever you are…I think Zappa and Sparks popped up in my life at about the same time. Zappa might have been a bit earlier.

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