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  1. Hyperism Ememy #1…the buggy storage room

    April 25, 2012 by admin

    Every weekday there are a few stress elements I always go through, those moments when my heart-rate starts ticking away faster and I grind my teeth. Yes I didn’t even knew I did that, but my husband has pointed it out a few times.  Stress moment number 1 actually is around him. He likes sleeping, and is very hard to get out of bed in the morning. So I feel like I have two children to get up in the morning. Once when my alarmed failed to ring, we both were delayed because he just turned his off and continued sleeping. My son is pretty much the same. Apart from on weekends of course…then he wants to get up.

    Stress moment #2 is getting out of the office on time and get to nursery before 1, as if you pick up late you might get fined. This stress is my own fault as I often loose track of time and suddenly see that I have 3 mins to finish up  what I am working on and dash out the door.

    Event #3 is by far the worst one, and one where often brings me into a swearing mode; the buggy storage cupboard at Mr T’s nursery.

    This little room is never empty, it has Christmas decorations and all sorts of randomness, and when I show up just before lunch time it is stacked full with buggies, and as I have been one of the first people to put mine in, our buggy is almost always at the bottom of an evil pile-up. Every morning I fold the buggy up and try to tuck it away, hoping others will be doing that too, but no, several people just seem to roll it in, or throw their on top of the others, so I have to dig dig dig. It is not even the biggest buggies that are a problem, far from it, mostly it is an unfolded buggy that ends up blocking the door that ends up falling down so no-one can even get in. Quite a few times I have had to go get staff to help me get into the room, as the door has been totally blocked. So combining moment number 2 of rushing and number 3 of chaos in the buggy room, quite often gets me into swearing mode. To be standing outside a nursery swearing is not so good, I know. So I try to only do it in Swedish. But still…grrrrrrr