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  1. Kimono and Ice-Cube

    June 18, 2008 by admin

    I was very surprised today when I came into work as my whole desk was filled with confetti, cards and a big balloon wishing me a happy wedding. Amongst all the confetti and cards stood a vinyl disc of “Kimono my house” and a note saying “I think this will have a better home with you. I bought it when it first came out in 74, but I haven’t listen to it in years”. i don’t even have a turntable to play it on, but I loved it, it was a very sweet gift, and the fact that she bought it back in the day, the day when I was not more than a twinkle in my father’s eye, is for some reason very cool.

    I went to Hitchin today to go to the MS Nurse, she was a very nice and the meeting went well. When I was walking back to the station I was listening to some mp3′s on my Nokia. As I walked along Ice Cube “You can do it (put your ass into it)” came on and it made me think of this clip I sent to Chris a few weeks back and the fact that this song could also do with a lot of censoring. Anyway I got to the station and went to buy a ticket, and the evil machine stole my card, I swore out loud, took my headphones off (forgot to turn the music off) and ran off to find someone help me get my card back. To cut the story short I got my card back, went out to the platform and reached into my pocket to put my ticket in there and send a txt to Steve. As I did this I unplugged my headphones by mistake and Ice Cube came blaring out. Very loud. Very very loud. Of course the platform was filled with cool teenagers and scared pensioners, trying to figure out who was playing the offensive music…FAIL! It took me a while getting it to stop play as well as I was panicking a bit. Very amusing I am sure…