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  1. Toca Boca Loca

    May 14, 2012 by admin

    My son has a new hobby, he is a practicing app surgeon. For the past 3 days or so he has been glued to the Ipad playing Toca Doctor, and app where you get to fix broken bones, get rid of lice, clean cuts and help fart out a swallowed toy car. He absolutely love it.  And as it has no adverts or sillyness you can leave him to it without worrying.

    As he loved the toca doctor so much I decided about 40 mins ago to see if there were any more apps by this company, who funny enough seem to be Swedish (what can I say we are a nation of good taste ;) )and BINGO there are lots. We downloaded the Kitchen, and the Store, and he has since been playing shop with me and trying to force feed a poor cat pureéd broccoli.

    All three apps are great little games, and they teach by playing. The little store once especially, this is my son in action;

    I can imagine the shop would be good between two kids in a car for instance. Although my boy seems to be quite happy playing both shop keeper and customer. As I am typing this he has moved on to the Kitchen app and is trying to make things explode in the microwave…boys eh! The Kitchen one consists of cooking various food for diffrent creatures and kind of guessing what they would like. Cat likes fish and so on. Cat did not like pureéd broccoli FYI

    Great games, go get the Toca Doctor now because it is free for the ipad, but not sure for how long!

  2. So what have you been up to lately?

    April 9, 2012 by admin

    Wow, yes, I seem to have killed my blog, really treated it like a poor plant just standing there getting no water at all for years and years. I am pretty good at killing plants it has to be said. I stopped blogging 3 years ago, a month before my son was born, we were installing a new kitchen in our cute little cottage, and I guess it is fair to say things changed after that Mr T showed up in April 2009. Now he is nearly 3 years old, and I have found a water-can for my blog.

    So, no more 100 year old cottage, now we live in a 50′s brick house, that from the outside is far from as cute as the cottage. The sushi dinners at restaurants in Camden, have been replaced with a slow-cooker and a pack of value meat from Tesco’s. Yes, children are expensive kids, listen to Mamma Bork Bork here. Anyway, life is different, but that doesn’t mean it is worse. Just less sushi…and concerts…pub visits..*sigh* BUT we have instead got things like testing out new playgrounds and learning to cook family friendly dinners in the slow-cooker. Seriously people I don’t know how I lived life before my slow-cooker. I am by no-means a great chef, but I do enjoy cooking more and more, not just with the slowcooker, but hey something that can make value meat tender and nice, whilst you can be outdoors running around after child that’s gotta be a win win situation eh?