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  1. Why I support #nomorepage3

    October 1, 2012 by admin

    As a foreign person living in the UK, I have always been rather baffled by the concept of the page 3 girl. Before you start thinking that I am some old prude I will point out a few things.
    • I come from Sweden a country rather know for it’s pro-nakedness, nudity seems to be a bit more natural over there.
    • I’ve worked several years for yahoo reviewing all sorts of sites for inclusion in their directory. I have probably seen more boobs than the page 3 picture editor has

    No, my issue and  my biggest question is; “what the heck does the boobs have to do with the news”? Yep that’s right, absolutely nothing. It is just an old fashioned “bit of fun” that really needs to leave the papers now. Dominic Mohan defends it by calling it a British institution.

    A few weeks ago I signed the No More Page 3 petition, and I rather naively asked on Twitter, why nobody had done this in the past. I was swiftly told about Clare Short’s campaign to do the same a few years ago, where the charming Mr Mohan published an article on the subject titled “‘Fat, jealous’ Clare brands Page 3 porn”. The Article mostly concludes that as Clare is obviously harboring secret dreams of appearing on page 3 but due to her looks she can’t so therefore she is a jealous spoilsport. The lazy persons argument, one that some men always like to use towards women, they are fat, ugly, frigid and jealous. The women quoted in the article as pro page 3 are of course page 3 models themselves. They use the same arguments, Clare is ugly we are not, so why should we cover up. Well they would say that as they get paid bap-money .

    Do I think Porn and Lads mags should be banned? No I don’t, there will always be a market for that. But I do think boobs do not belong in a newspaper (unless the topic of the news item is about boobs, like for example talking abut breast cancer), there the boobs are totally irrelevant.

    In all honesty I find it totally depressing that we live in a world where women rather take their top off for money than work. Where the ultimate goal for a young girl is to be a decoration on a footballers arm. Girls want to be famous, but if they don’t have any skills do be famous with, the scandal way is always an alternative, that is why the media is so filled of rather useless people. Take Abi Titmuss, she was a badly paid nurse, that scandal she was involved in paved a way for a booby career instead, far better paid. Did it make her happier? The verdict is out on that one…But it is very sad that young girls grow up wanting boob jobs so they can “put them out there” and earn lots of money. I believe that apart from the really famous glamour girls, it isn’t actually a great deal of money to be made And more too it, there isn’t a great longevity in a career choice like that. Let’s face it, the sun doesn’t really plaster old women’s boobs on page 3 do they?

    Also with the increasing demand of bigger better boobs, kids of today grow up with a very weird boby image. Teenage boys seeing page 3 girls and then comparing them to the girls in there class, teasing the girls for not having tripple H hooters creating an even bigger demand for plastic fantastic. In fact you almost suspect that this British Institution Mr Mohan talks about is sponsored by the plastic-surgeons down Harley street.

    I have a young son myself, I want him to grow up in a world that shows respect towards women, not just think that they are there to look pretty and can be walked all over. Getting rid of page 3 is a good step in the right direction, it sends out such a bad message to young people today, seeing that in a newspaper.For both boys and girls. Of course I know boys will find pictures online, or maybe next to that railway track as they used to back in the days, and once again, that is fine. The glamour girls have to make a living too I guess.

    By the 1st of October close to 41000 people have signed the No More Page 3 petition. Are all these people fat, ugly jealous women who secretly want nothing more than get their baps out in the Sun, but can’t due to their lack of prettyness? I doubt it, nor are they all women, quite frankly this British insTITution needs to go, because boobs really are not news.

    Someone suggested getting stickers to cover the boobs in the Sun up, I would go further than that, get stickers looking like babies, because it seem to be the biggest reason for asking women to put their top on again, when they are breastfeeding. I guess people don’t like being reminded about the real purpose of the boobs. But that is a whole other blog post…

    Now get out of here and sign the Petition