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The face that made baby Jesus scared

November 14, 2008 by admin

I was out walking in Letchworth Town Centre today, when I suddenly noticed this guy looking at me, like he wanted to say something. Now I don’t get this very often, I seem to have a face that says “stay away from me Grrrrrr”, which in all honesty is quite nice. I have some friends that every time you are out with them they get stopped and asked all sorts of questions. At uni I had this friend who it was impossible to step into a club or bar without the biggest sleaze in the room towering over her, stone face here had to go and help her out on many occasions.  Anyway I don’t have a face of friendliness and approachableness, I might have inherited the look of bulldog chewing a wasp my granddad had, he very rarely smiled, I used to be very scared of him as a child. But he was a friendly soul, just with a very stern look.

Back to the story, the guy, dressed in a long coat and shirt and tie looked at me, I stared back wondering if I had something on my face, his eyes started flickering to the side, and he noticed a lady in front of me, and with one last scared at me look he moved towards her and said “Pardon me maaaa’m”, and then I got it , a Jehovah’s witness.

Bulldog Face – Watch Tower Boy 1-0

My Bulldog face in action


  1. mbs says:

    ^5 wtg. i also seem to have this bulldog property but it has netted me negative friends. i cry then die.

  2. Bev says:

    Ha! You don’t seem all that scary to me :) I hate being approached by people like that. I just try not to make eye contact and move quickly away.

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