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The Fika that lasted 10 hours

August 3, 2008 by admin

My favorite Swedish word is fika , ok maybe not my favourite word, but my favourite thing to do. At University there was a group of us that could spend hours just dicking around in cafes, surviving on only black coffee and gossip. Since leaving University and Sweden, I haven’t had that much of that life. Steve gets the concept but I don’t think lasts more then an hour or so, I suspect he is more keen on the coffee and perhaps a cake, than the endless talking. When I found Susie in 2004, I found a Fika-soulmate. We have whilst working and traveling together spend hours Fika-ing, talking everything from total trash to religion (maybe that is the same).

People you can fika with are often also people that are good to travel with. People that just goes with the flow and don’t run around and always need to run from one place to the next. Each to their own, but I am more of a lazy traveller than a tick the box yes-now-i-have-seen-bigben-off-to-the-next-spot traveller. That might mean I miss certain things when I go to new places, but oh well. I have just come back from a wonderful trip to Helsinki, me and Susie stayed with a friend of a friend, and pretty much just did whatever we felt like without any plans whatsoever. We did go out to a club one night, our friend Niko was DJing, it was fun, I haven’t been to any clubs for ages, but I have to say the times are gone when I want to stay out to 4 am, I prefer a cuppa at home instead (boring yes I know but that’s just the way it is these days).

On the Saturday it almost felt a little like stepping back to the uni Marathon sessions of fika, when me Susie and newly found friend Emmi, ended up going from a sushi place to a cafe to Emmi’s flat and then finally to a Greek food place, a meeting we all thought was just gonna be lunch ended up being a fika (well yes it was more than coffee here…) that lasted for over 10 hours, and it was great, a perfect day for this lazy traveler.


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  1. mbs says:

    YES!!! FIKA!!!

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