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Working when sick

September 9, 2008 by admin

I just read this blog post by this Swedish writer, and it annoyed me so much. Sorry it is only in Swedish so not much good for most of you out there, but she basically says people should go in to work when they are sick, if they got sick kids they should bring them along. Lovely. First of all she works from home most of the time so sure if you are somewhat working in your brain you can work from home when sick. But getting into a car/train/bus when coughing your lungs up/puking your guts out/ having a migraine… yeah that is really cleaver, not only will you make yourself worse, you will also make everyone around you sick.

My mum used to work as a teacher, now everyone at schools go there even if they are sick, teachers go even if they have fever (and many of them seem to take some pride in that, like some kind of martyr) and parents sent their puking/snotty/feverish kids to school, this normally meant my mum was sick from September to the end of March (of course most of the time she went in anyway so oh hai vicious circle). I read somewhere that in China it is common to walk around like wacko jaco wearing a mouth guard, not because they are scared of others germs, but because they don’t want others to catch yours. I think if you are as silly as to go out and contaminate your workplace, please wear one of these.

As a person with a fucked up immune system (MS makes my immune system revved up, doesn’t make it work any better as the white blood-cells attack the myelin  in my brain instead of the virus/infections I get) I pretty much seem to be getting sick if someone sneezes on me. It is much better now since I don’t go on the trains and tube so much. But still, last virus I had lasted a month….grrr

So remember folks coughs and sneezes spread diseases, keep yours away from others!

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